Friday, January 16, 2009

The Young Turks: Israel Strikes a UN Facility - Is it Intentional?

The Young Turks YouTube channel tackles another major news item and controversy, the Israeli shelling of the UN with white phosphorus, as well as shelling the local media building in Gaza, and a hospital (or hospitals?) yesterday, January 15.


Star Womanspirit said...

Great you tube find Mac...I had seen footage a few months back of other examples of the Israeli military using "human shields."

The Israeli people are very similar to the American population. A "small" percentage wholeheartedly endorses the right wing neo con government and it's military of course the Israeli human rights groups are allies in the fight to stop the Israeli governments state sponsored terrorism and war crimes.

A great analogy would be to see the current Israeli adminstration as a "Bush/Cheney" clone. It's true. And since I voted Bush/Cheney OUT I surely don't want my tax dollars supporting the middle east Bush/Cheney clones!!

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