Saturday, February 21, 2009

A true man of peace

I read an article by Fatima Bhutto entitled, A True Man of Peace, about Muhammad Yunus founder of the Grameen Bank. It talks about Wolfowitz and his politics of destruction in comparison to the politics of re-struction of Muhammad Yunus. It shows the position of each man, while Wolfowitz had a global stage to carry out his agenda. Yet, I can't help but to see Muhammad Yunus as one of those mosquitos that just buzz along, stabbing at the problems of our world, and Yunus' stabbing at global poverty. The article, for me, illuminates the obvious, that no matter which Wolfowitz is in global power, there will always be those mosquitoes like Muhammad Yunus buzzing along in the underbrush, chipping away at the foundation the Wolfowitzes stand on, until one day, the instigators of the politics of destruction will be on their knees in front of the likes of Muhammad Yunus.

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