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Six years ago, 10,000 CODEPINKers converged on Washington D.C. with a rally that encircled the White House in vibrant PINK. Three years later, and more than a 100,000 stronger, we called on women around the world to form our new global campaign: Women Say no to War.

This year, we gathered yet another international delegation to deliver aid to the women of Gaza and to expose the horrendous costs of war, weapons and occupation. Women now have to care for the physical and emotional wounds in their families and communities, while dealing with their own broken hearts. They face shortages of water, electricity, food, medicine, heat, fuel, and shelter. Some neighborhoods have been almost totally destroyed; and over 100,000 people displaced from their homes.

According to the United Nations, "Children are hungry, cold, without electricity and running water, and above all, they're terrified. Women are at greater risk of maternal death and or injury as maternity wards are being used as surgical facilities to treat the wounded."


We hope you had an inspiring and meaningful International Women's Day. We've been so moved to see how our International Women's Day delegation in Gaza and other women around the world used the day to honor and support our Gazan sisters. Through grassroots efforts on our website, Facebook cause, and over 25 house parties, we raised over $60,000 for Gazan women. Click here to view a deeply affecting slideshow of photos from our delegation and other Gaza actions around the country.

Our historic 60-person delegation, including Pulitzer Prize winning author Alice Walker, witnessed profound devastation in Gaza, but they also witnessed tremendous resilience and strength. As they visited refugee camps and community development centers and areas hard hit by bombing, our delegates were impressed over and over again by the determination of the women of Gaza to make their voices heard and create a better future for themselves and their families. Click here to read a moving piece by delegate Ret. Col. Ann Wright, here to read blogs from our delegates on our PINKtank, here to listen to a Talk Nation Radio interview with Gael Murphy and Pam Rasmussen, and here to read the transcript from a Democracy Now interview with Alice Walker and Medea Benjamin about the trip. Nine of our delegates have chosen to remain in Gaza to continue to bear witness to what is happening in this beleaguered region.

Thank you again for so generously donating to send gift baskets--we filled trucks to the brim with your pink presents to help the women of Gaza feel honored and celebrated as women this International Women's Day. We couldn't have done it without you. You helped brighten the lives of thousands of women who have been living under such bleak circumstances, and helped them feel less alone in their struggles.

In our effort to continue to build bridges and learn from each other, we will gather women for our 2nd 24-hour Mother's Day vigil in front of the White House, May 9-10. Save the date--we hope you will be able to join us! Our vigil will honor all mothers and women who live in war zones; we want to recognize the price they pay with their bodies, loved ones, homes and future, and honor their courage and power. We will stand with them in solidarity to not only tell their important stories but model what women-centered community looks and acts like. Click here to find out how to join us for this beautiful and powerful event.

Thank you again for all you do to honor our sisters around the world and in your community!

In solidarity,
Audrey, Blaine, Dana, Deidra, Desiree, Farida, Gael, Gayle, Jean, Jodie, Liz, Lori, Medea, Nancy, Paris, and Rae

P.S. We are marking the 6th anniversary of the war next week with rallies and marches around the country; click here to find or create one in your area and order your Obama's Promises ribbons to pass out at events here.


Watch our moving Gaza slideshow

Join us for
Mother's Day in DC, May 9 - 10!

You can still donate to the women of

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Cargosquid said...

How about a Women's day saying NO! to the abuse by the same people that Code Pink was so happy to support?

Suicide bombings are such a step up for women. Death by suicide bomb is such a goal for their children. Religious persecution for a myriad of activities throughout the Middle East....

Where's the demonstrations in front of the Saudi embassy? Heck, I'd join that one and I think Code Pink members are traitors.