Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tucker Carlson is the "partisan demagogue"

Tucker Carlson shows once again why his tv show was dropped. He is the hypocritical "partisan demagogue" pundit who feeds his followers faulty, biased information. Michael Calderone reports:

Still, viewers have at times grown weary of cable television's need for heated political debate shows — most notably, following Stewart's October 2004 appearance on CNN's "Crossfire." There, Stewart told hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala that they should "stop hurting America."

"I'm here to confront you," Stewart said, "because we need help from the media and they're hurting us."

Stewart was declared the victor by many in the media after that appearance, and less than three months later CNN pulled the plug on the 22-year-old right-left shout-fest.

Upon the cancellation of "Crossfire," network president Jon Klein noted the Stewart critique, telling the Washington Post that "he made a good point about the noise level of these types of shows, which does nothing to illuminate the issues of the day."

Carlson, reached Friday, described Stewart as "a partisan demagogue."

"Jim Cramer may be sweaty and pathetic — he certainly was last night — but he's not responsible for the current recession," Carlson told POLITICO. "His real sin was attacking Obama's economic policies. If he hadn't done that, Stewart never would have gone after him. Stewart's doing Obama's bidding. It's that simple."
Carlson maybe upset;  the American people are fed up with biased political pundits. Too bad Carlson is not funny though his recent comments do border on the hysterical.


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