Monday, April 27, 2009

Ember Swift Pek

I had the pleasure of producing this band twice in Hampton Roads with Museek and the ODU Women's Center. Ember and Lyndell (the drummer on tour was either Cheryl Reid or Adam Bowman) "were" an of those groups who had to be seen "live."

Ember Swift visited China and fell in love with this country. She is now living in China and her music has undergone major tranformations. According to Ember:

Lentic as an adjective describes my new pace of life, not to mention embodying the opposite meaning of "Ember Swift" (fire and speed). When I hold this name next to my new body of work, I can breathe.

Since the "new body of work" has not arrived I decided that a trip down memory lane is in order. Ember and Lyndell used to end there shows with enjoy....

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