Saturday, April 11, 2009

GLOBAL 3000 | Homeless and without rights in Greece

NATO and America have been tearing Afghanistan apart for eight years, for Afghans' own good of course, they say, but when refugees show up at Europe's doorsteps, Europe treats them like dirt. This at least reflects the phony humanitarianism of the NATO mission.

Sidebar for video:

More than 2,000 Afghan refugees live in a temporary camp in the Greek port of Patras in huts cobbled together from wood,plastic sheeting and old pallets. The refugees are hoping for a chance to move north,to central Europe,because ferries leave Patras for Italy.With only four temporary toilets and sporadic water and electric supplies,conditions in the now 12 year-old camp are appalling. Yet new refugees arrive daily. They sleep in the open,on the beach,in parks or hidden in the city. Greece says the refugees are a problem for all of Europe,but that other European countries are ignoring it. Global 3000 visited the refugee camp.

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Star Womanspirit said...

H/T Mac....Great Find.....Hypocrisy continues all around us....