Thursday, April 09, 2009

ONLY a Corporation finds LESS money GOOD News

Only a corporation could spin this kind of news, " Half of U.S. workers laid off in the past year who were questioned in a survey released on Wednesday reported finding new jobs, but often with less pay and in a different field."

Gannett Co, Tribune Co, the McClatchy Co and Microsoft Corp, the owners of responded with this statement, "This is encouraging news for the job seekers out there," Grasz said. "There is a popular misconception that if you lose your job today you won't be able to find another opportunity.

So, according to the above mentioned corporations, people who were earning far less than they should've been and who have now been laid off, should be encouraged that there are jobs out there where they are going to be earning even less than before, and having to tap into what little savings they have to help with expenses they were barely able to meet with the previous job.

How in God's name are they able to get articles such as these published as "news?"

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Star Womanspirit said...

Maybe because the corporations OWN the media AND the government??