Thursday, April 16, 2009

POWERFUL VIDEO: The Obama Deception

Time to wake up and smell the crocodiles in your swimming pool: hard-hitting expose on the Con-man of the Year, if not century, Barack Obama.


Star Womanspirit said...


I prefer Obama and his leadership to the Bush Cheney administration and anything that the Republican party has to offer.

Obama is not perfect and we need to speak out on issues and policy and hold all our leaders accountable. But simply attacking the person with distortions and "spin" is not something I'd expect from you in your online writings.

This video is one huge distortion taking comments out of context. I would expect an attact video of this sort to be posted on a right wing'neocon's blog.

I hate to think that any of our energy would be allied with the current crazy attacks that are trying to halt any progressive issue Obama might try to get through Congress.

I "usually" have lots of respect for the factual articles you post.....this post seems so out of character.

Mac said...

First of all, I did not want Obama to be elected in the first place. I thought he was a con-man and still believe it. But we had no good first choices. I voted for Cynthia McKinney. And I stand with KRS on criticizing Obama.

Sorry, Star, but I don't see much difference between Obama and Bush. The new Administration is riddled with the same cast of characters to a great extent, or with ex-Clintonites. Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff? Come on. An Israeli Firster running the White House? Who is handling whom? Obama handling Rahm or Rahm handling Obama?

War is still raging and has actually been escalated in Central Asia. Obama is actually spending 4% more on the Pentagon budget than Bush and taking war appropriations off the budget books, JUST LIKE BUSH!

Obama just refused to prosecute any of the torturers of the last eight years. So much for accountability and justice. And now we find that Guantanamo has NOT been shut down and prisoners are STILL being abused!

Obama has all but given away our national treasury to Wall Street. He has probably killed Main Street for a decade or more and saddled us all with huge debts and looming inflation.

I don't agree with some of this video, some of it going off the deep end, especially the bad science about global warming, but out of an almost two hour video, I find most of it true and highly disturbing.

Is Obama a Man of Peace? Absolutley no, we have even more war, much more war in the pipeline! I find the Predator Drone program one of the most disgusting things this country has ever done and this is Obama's agenda now. And they are talking decades of warfare in Central Asia.

The pullout from Iraq is fruadulent as well. Iraq is now Middle East Central Command, permanently. Between mercenaries, contractors and Aermican troops, Obama plans to leave 100,000 personnel or more in Iraq. Some pullout!

But because this video IS controversial, I ask our viewers to weigh in and judge whether its central theme, that Obama is really a front man for the global plutocracies, rings true to them. Is Alex Jones right on, crazy, half-right, paranoid? Let us know what you think?

But you have to watch the whole video before you make your judgment! No cheating!

Mac said...

Here is what Coleen Rowley said on Facebook Thursday about the Obama Deception:

Alex Jones was on the Thom Hartmann show yesterday and there is quite a lot of convergence that supports points in the "Obama Deception" but I don't agree that its such a nefarious conspiracy. It's being quite openly done. Obama is not changing much if anything and the same moneyed interests are pulling the levers, that part I think is true.

Star Womanspirit said...


Sorry for the computer was in the shop and I was out of town.

I defintely believe there are differences between Obama and Bush. I'm hoping I'm right and you are wrong on this issue.

However, I stand by my original comments on that video. That video is a shabby piece and it's definitely below your standards Mac.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on Wed at the Gaiafest Poetry event.

Take care, my friend!

Mac said...

I stand by this video, flawed in some respects, as still worth watching, especially regarding the exposes about the bankers, stimulus bill, the large number of big wigs in government affiliated with the Bilderberger Group, CFR, Trilateral Commission; this has too much important info to ignore. No throwing the baby out with the bathwater here. With the world economy going up in flames due to the banking/brokerage cartels' wanton gambling and speculation, I will not dismiss out of hand that there is some kind of willful effort to bring this catastrophe about. I think you actually have to work hard to do so much damage.