Monday, July 13, 2009

More Bush War Crimes....

Isn't the United States of America's history one of fighting war criminals not Be-ing War criminals?

Since when did the belief in justice become an "extremist" view in the United States



J. Tyler Ballance said...

Probably ever since our federal agencies, under the Bush regime, were given the green light to ignore any Constitutional constraints.

A May 2009 Justice Department audit shows that the Bush Administration's enemies list, which included 68,000 Americans after 9/11, rapidly grew to what is now over 1.1 Million Americans. The same audit report shows that at least 62,000 names on the list were put there without cause and another 24,000 names were added without source documentation; in other words, any bureaucrat who wanted to harass someone for being on the wrong political side, or just due to an old personal grudge, may have added your name to the official enemies list.

During the Bush years, our government agencies were turned against our own citizens.

The fact that Bush and his henchmen escaped impeachment does not mean that they have escaped prosecution. Bush, Cheney, and their operatives who broke the law, deserve to go to jail.

The precedent must be re-asserted that just because a crisis occurs, government officials will not be allowed to suspend the Constitution, or ignore the civil liberties of our citizens.

We need an independent commission to investigate the abuses of power and the criminal activity that occurred during the Bush regime. Most Americans have no idea that their fellow citizens were arrested and jailed without trial or even without charges. The People have no idea that the various security agencies along with law enforcement,caused some of our citizens to lose their jobs, or to be denied employment. Many were cast as suspicious in the eyes of employers due to repeated inquiries by government officials, thereby ending opportunity for advancement or continued employment. Security clearances were denied without due process, or delayed indefinitely. Even our citizens' homes were burglarized and our electronic communications spied upon.

All in the name of an undeclared war, without the consent of the People, or Congress.

Many of these same practices are STILL in place under Obama. The more light that is shed on this debacle, the sooner we may recover our Constitution-based form of government.

Star Womanspirit said...

Right on J !!