Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama's Rule of Nonsense

President Obama refuses to reverse course on his decision to allow high level Bush administration war criminals to literally get away with murder and war crimes. President Obama refers to this as "not looking back."

If President Obama continues on this course he needs to make his decision apply to everyone. Fairness and equal justice for all is the essential foundation of the United States government. Therefore, President Obama's decision guts our justice system. To make this "not looking back" fair and just President Obama will have to dismantle our criminal justice system, eliminate courts, prisons, judges, police officers, prison guards, and lawyers. Who needs a Congress if there is no law? Dismantle the rule of law so that ALL of us are treated fairly.

Does this sound preposterous? How is it more preposterous than a United States government that only locks up poor people. You might be thinking, "but Bernie Madeoff just went to prison for 150 years." Yes but Bernie Madeoff made the mistake of robbing the rich. Only crimes against the rich appear to matter to the Bush and Obama administrations.

Obama's mantra of "not looking back" is nonsense. There can be no rule of law unless one looks back. That is what our courts do....they have to look back to determine guilt or innocense. President Obama is an attorney so he has no excuse for not enforcing our nation's laws in a fair and just manner. President Obama needs to do his job and do it properly. There are no excuses when it comes to the rule of law.

Mr. Obama needs to carefully read the New York Times editorial--Illegal and Pointless. According to the NYT:

President Obama has refused to open a full investigation of the many laws that were evaded, twisted or broken--pointlessly and destructively---under Mr. Bush. Mr. Obama should change his mind. A full accounting is the only way to ensure these abuses never happen again.

Many of the same folks who participated in the Iran Contra affair are participants in the latest atrocities. Atrocities continue to happen if there are no consequences, no trials, no prison sentences. We MUST have a full investigation or more atrocities, more crimes against the people of the US and the world will continue to occur.

Call the White House AND Attorney General Eric Holder and insist that they do the jobs we are paying them to do.

Buzz...Buzz... White House telephone-- 202.456.1111 Attorney General Eric Holder--202.353.1555


James Young said...

You're absolutely right. After all, since President Barry wants to give us the economy of a banana republic, he might as well give us the political system of a banana republic, as well.

Star Womanspirit said...

James....the banana republic economic consequences are the result of the de-regulation of the corporations that have created this crisis. There was too much damage and spending on corporate welfare (and wars for corporate interests, Big Oil and Monsanto) and this can be laid in the lap of the Bush Administration.

Bush has continued his legacy of bankrupting every buisiness he has controlled.....first his oil drilling company and now the United States. Cheney used the US govt to fix up the horrible job he did at Haliburton and made the war very profitable for Haliburton and his own wallet.