Friday, October 23, 2009

Blowing Senator Warner's Cover

The Huffington Post has reported that Senator Mark Warner is working behind the scenes to STOP a public option. I contacted Senator Warner's office and one of Warner's aides tried to give me the line that I shouldn't believe Arianna Huffington. I replied why shouldn't I since Senator Mark Warner has REFUSED to publicly state his position on the public option. I did NOT get the aides name because he hung up on me before I could finish my one sentence statement. (This would NEVER happen to a constituent of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont. I have always found his staff incredibly respectful even though I am not a constituent of Senator Bernie Sanders who is an INDEPENDENT Senator and not a "Republicrat." ( cannot tell the difference between the Democratic party that I supported with my money and my vote in this

I repeat. I have NO REASON to trust Senator Mark Warner's support for Health Care Reform that benefits me. It appears that Senator Mark Warner is more interested in collecting money and working behind the scenes for the health insurance companies.

Well Senator Warner I would love to see you prove this post wrong. I challenge you to come out of the shadows and publicly make an honest stand on health insurance reform so your constituents will see who you are representing on this issue.

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akesling said...

I never thought the Democrat Party should've advanced the politcal career of Mark Warner. He wasn't a Democrat as a governor, and everyone should've known he wouldn't be on in the Senate.