Monday, October 26, 2009

Why vote for any Republicrat anywhere?

Okay Republican Party....You can count me out as far as voting for any Republican anywhere. In my lifetime this party has NEVER given me a reason to vote for them. The covers have come off and the lunatic fringe is out in full force. As long as your candidates view women as a separate species and want us to stay out of the workforce...I don't see any self respecting women voting for McDonnell or any other wacky Republican.

Democrats....Well so far you have shown that you are not just spineless but you are sell are following the Republican's example of a party that is in's called "take the money and run." I don't hear any professional politicians (from either of our "two parties") advocating for public elections so that our elected officials would actually be attentive to the votes who vote them into office.

Why should I waste my time voting for any Democrat anywhere when I see the Democrats with a 60 seat majority selling out single payer (no debate no nothing....b/c a debate would have shown everyone everywhere that this was the cheapest, simplest, easiest and best way to no serious looking at the best option). So the people compromised for a strong public option and the Democrats can't seem to pass even this modest proposal.

So do the Democrats want folks taking their valuable time to go to the polls on November 4th and vote for them? IF so the Washington Democrats better show us that they can deliver. Unless a strong public option and a decent health insurance reform bill passed and signed into law quickly LOTS of people (including myself) will be sitting out this election.

Unlike our elected officials...when we the people say they are going to do something we do it.

Enough talk...we need action now. IF we don't get the action we are demanding you will see McDonnell become the next gov of Virginia due to his strong extremist minority following. But keep a look out...if this does happen the next step will be more parties springing up and the two party system will end up being challenged by parties of the people. It could get very interesting indeed.


akesling said...

I won't vote this November if the Democrats give us a "trigger" instead of a real public option on health care.

James Young said...

Wow. There's a huge surprise. I was losing sleep over whether you would ever vote for a Republican.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

After the Bush regime, Americans would be stupid to ever trust the Republicans to lead this nation again; NO, NOT EVER!

However, at the local level, especially here in Virginia, there are still good citizens who are on both sides of the political divide who are willing to serve the citizens in elected office.

In the 73rd District, the citizens are faced with two very fine, principled candidates: Dr. John O'Bannon (R) and Tom Shields, PhD (D). Mr. Frank Hargrove (Hanover) is my favorite Republican Delegate. Not only is he a great guy, he is an accomplished pilot, and has for years stood against the practice of state sponsored murder (aka Death Penalty). You have to admire Mr. Hargrove's bravery and candor.

As for the statewide races, Creigh Deeds is, far and away, the stronger candidate if the People expect to have an advocate for their interests in the Governor's office.

I have met both Mr. Deeds and Mr. McDonnell long before either ran for statewide office, and I can say that both men, while not in campaign mode are typically, well mannered Virginians. However, when one examines Mr. McDonnell's track record, he has most often been an advocate for the big multinational businesses and predictably, he NEVER stood up for our civil liberties during the abuses of the Bush regime.

Mr. Deeds, is always a champion for Virginia's working Man. Mr. Deeds, in fact, has sometimes been at odds with the national Democrats because he always places the best interests of his fellow Virginians FIRST.

Mr. Deeds will stand-up for us and will always be for us. Mr. McDonnell will be likely to make any deal to line the pockets of his big business handlers.

Cargosquid said...

Please don't let me disabuse of doing what you think is right.....