Monday, November 02, 2009

Bully Base

It couldn't be anymore clearer that the base of the Republican Party has no intentions on compromising. They're bullies who want it their way or no way, and why politicians continue to listen to them is beyond me.

The bullies have bullied Republican Party candidate Scozzafava right out of the race. They make it perfectly clear they have no respect for the Republican black leader Michael Steele, nor any Republican member of the House or Senate who believes in bi-partisanship, of course who that member is, is also beyond me.
It should be more than clear by now that the Republican Party base of racist bullies will stop at nothing to catapult the Republican Party back to the 1950s.
However, it is one thing for the Republican Party to kowtow to these white, backward-thinking, uneducated party members, but it appears Democrats are listening and responding to them as well, and THAT is certainly beyond my comprehension.

These right-wing loons do one thing, and that is listen to and respond to FOX (so-called) News. It should be clear by now that BOTH parties should ignore this lunatic (so-called) media outlet.

A few others that should ignore this lunatic fringe is MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and NBS. To respond to FOX means you legitimize them. Ignore FOX, ignore their fringe and they're less likely to make an impact.

The bully base of the Republican Party may be voters, but they ARE NOT the majority, and keeping them in the limelight only propagates their lunatic logic.


John Doe said...

Yer a punk. We noticed how you Democraps treated Zell Miller, Joe Lieberman and even Virgil Goode.

The 15% or so that are the looney left have taken over the Democrat party and they brook no dissent from the rest of the Democrats.

Cargosquid said...

Thank you so much for your concern about the political health of the Republican party. We know that you truly have our best interest at heart. Like Dede Scozzafava.....

Even the Democrat candidate was more conservative than her....heck, Joe Biden is more conservative than her.