Monday, December 14, 2009

Take Away Joe the Jerk's Big Gov Healtcare

Joe the Jerk HATES the idea of Government Health Care. So why are our tax dollars providing him with Health Care. They hypocrisy of this un-principled jerk is almost beyond belief.


Tom White said...

Ummm. Sorry. Joe has Private Health Insurance, which he pays into. Same as anyone else that has Health Insurance at work.

Joe dislikes Government RUN Health Insurance.

Or expanding bankrupt programs like Medicare.

Hope that helps.

Star Womanspirit said...

Joe gets his health insurance because he is a government employee......So....why doesn't Joe get PRIVATE health insurance and get off of everything that is government provided? It's probably b/c Joe thinks that the purpose of Government is to take money from hard working folks and give it to himself and his rich Insurance executive and Wall street cronies.

Tom White said...

Joe has private health insurance. In this country, the employer pays a portion.

As I stated, Joe's objection is to government RUN health care.

Our Health Care Insurance system has evolved into one that the employer pays a portion as a benefit to attract and keep workers. I would say if that were not the case, then Government workers should not receive employer contributions for Health Care. But, as we all have employer paid Health Care - at least subsidized - so should Government workers.

Having a group to spread the cost and risk across will always be cheaper.

Star Womanspirit said...

Sorry for the delay in continuing the conversation but I'm transitioning to a new home with lots of extra stuff to do and we now have a big snowstorm coming. :)

BUT...Joe is one of those lucky folks who actually has a doctor and medical clinic right there at work to serve his needs....this is the ultimate government sponsored healthcare....imagine...your own medical clinic at work for all the folks who work there courtesy of the US taxpayer.