Monday, January 04, 2010

NPR: Helping Caroline Herring Find Her Place

By Georgianne Nienaber

I was thrilled this past weekend to see that National Public Radio realized what we folk fans have known all along. There is a hidden jewel in the mix of thousands of folk albums released in 2009, and her name is Caroline Herring. With a honey-coated voice and a literary sensibility that is unparalleled, it is about time that Herring gets national recognition. After the interview, Herring burned up the sales charts at, which shows that folk fans are hungry for something poetically beautiful. Fan comments and reviews at Amazon say as much. Read them for some insight.

Sure, I posted most of my Mosquito Blog there also, but this is what social networking is all about. Artists like Herring don't have a massive PR machine behind them. They work quietly and diligently, raising families and creating their art with little in the way of accolades. They rely upon fans, friends, and word of mouth to get their work out there.

Herring's music is truly food for the soul and as we begin a New Year with hope in our hearts for a better world, I for one am glad she is out there. Readers should also know that her donation to the Congos Angels compilation "Fair and Tender Ladies" was a favorite on the radio in Goma, DRC over the Christmas season.

It doesn't really matter that there was no press release about that. All that mattered was that her music gave hope and solace to the forgotten women of eastern Congo. The midwives know who she is and love her for it. I know. I have the emails from Congolese to prove it.

Here is a nice little movie, made by Caroline's sister, Christie Herring, that is a beautiful window into the evolution of the artist/songwriter.

Feed your soul.

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