Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama won't listen and Corporations BLOCK FREE SPEECH

Two Big Issues in this video.

First Obama LIES everytime he says he's open to new ideas. Obama has consistently REFUSED to listen to the MAJORITY of the American People who want Medicare for All. But the corporate cronies don't want this. Obama has actually BLOCKED anhyone with a health care idea to the left of the center from having any seat at the healthcare table. Meanwhile, Big Pharma and Big Healthcare all paid lots of money and "viola" they filled the seats at the table. Then the doors were closed and the dark, back room deals took place.

Corporations would rather pay high health care premuiums and block the competition that would evolve as more people would start their own local businesses to compete against the corporations if we had healthcare for everyone. So as long as the only way to afford health care is to work for a corporations they have a cheaper labor pool available to them.

How can corporations yell private property and want to arrest anyone who is not marching in lockstep with the corporate agenda?

Hotels are NOT private residences.....There is a BIG? difference between private property and malls, etc that are open for public business.


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