Sunday, March 28, 2010

We need peace keepers not military cops...

Once again another story about how police have shot and killed a mentally ill person. This incident involved a man who allegedly was stabbing himself with an ax and then walking around a market with an axe.

This sort of thing is so avoidable. Why aren't the police all equipped with nets and trained to use them so they can safely capture mentally ill folks who are wielding sharp objects? Where is the community dialogue on safe and humane ways to control folk instead of the deadly force that is used much more than it should be. I guess wielding a net is not seen as "kewl" as a gun or electric taser but it sure is cost effective and could keep everyone safe.

In the meantime the corporate government would prefer to scare folks instead of develop safe and humane ways to deal with people. Don't forget we now have killer drones patrolling our long before they patrol our neighborhoods?

And where is the dialogue about the pros and cons of utilizing deadly force including killer robots?

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