Sunday, May 30, 2010

Liz Cheney wants Investigation....So Do I....

Liz Cheney wants an investigation of the Joe Sestak WH job offer. I "suspect" her motives are political.

Personally I want lots of investigations. I would like these investigations to start with the secret energy meetings that Cheney held when he was vice president. Cheney has refused to give up information on these meetings (including who was in attendance).

These meetings are suspected of developing an energy policy by the industry. Many believe that this is the root of the current crisis in the gulf.

So how about it Liz? Let's begin the investigations with your daddy. It seems to me that our country has suffered worst consequences as the result of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush.

In the meantime the Gulf Oil CATASTROPHE (not spill) might be more fairly labeled as the Gulf CHENEY Disaster due to the fact that the Cheney energy policies might have given the oil industry a free pass on many things including appropriate safety measures. We already know that the government agency that was supposed to be the industry watchdog was de-fanged during the Cheney/Bush years.

Hopefully an outraged public will be enough impetus to wake up our elected officials and stop them from pocketing corporate cash long enough to put the teeth back into our ALL of our regulatory agencies. After all....isn't public safety a major reason for our government's existence?

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Judgement Recovery said...

May be she thinks politically,
And if she wants investigation over this matter then why she deny to give the information.

Investigation is must here. something going wrong.