Friday, June 11, 2010

Georgianne Nienaber is reports BP is neglecting Boom Maintenance

Over at the Huffington Post Georgianne Nienaber is reporting on BP's continued negligence in the Gulf Oil Disaster Clean Up. The rumor is that BP is going to do the minimum that it has to and declare bankruptcy and leave everyone else to foot the bill.

Why doesn't the US confiscate all of BP's assets? It still won't be enough to take care of the bill but it would be a start. And it might make the next corporation think twice about the risks it is willing to take in pursuit of the all mighty dollar, yen...or whatever currency they are chasing!

Pictures are courtesy of Georgianne Nienaber. She says you are free to use these pictures (and others at the link).


Cargosquid said...

Why doesn't the US confiscate all of BP's assets?

Um.....because that's illegal?

Star Womanspirit said...

let's see but if you are caught smoking a joint they can confiscate your car or your home if you were smoking there....seems more appropriate to confiscate BP's assets in order to clean up the disaster they created by illegally cutting corners.....

unfortunately BP seems to have bought our government off....they owned the MMS that was supposed to regulate them and now it appears they own our coast guard and law enforcement.....looks like the real crooks won't see justice in the United States Plutocracy.