Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Insanity rules the Gulf Catastrophe

According to Allison Kilkenny:

In a sane world, a company guilty of gross negligence that resulted in the deaths of 11 workers would be under criminal investigation, and not be parading around the coast, telling the media where they can go and who they can talk to, while forbidding their clean-up crews from wearing protective gear.

Law enforcement doesn’t handle other crimes like this. Cops don’t let serial killers tidy up their crime scenes after they’re done a’stabbin’.

Kilkenny is telling it like it is. Welcome to the United Corporations of America! The land where lots of money gives you special interests complete with "special rights" and you are above the law.

BP continues to use dispersants in an attempt some say is to cover up the oil but causes greater damage to marine life. BP will not cease using these horrific chemicals even though the US government has told them to stop these practices. BP says that it is big and important. BP appears to own DC and maybe they are correct. After all the same Justice Department that ruled AIG had done nothing wrong will be investigating BP. I betcha the BP big wigs are shaking in their boots.

Where's the change and the justice we voted for?


James Young said...

"guilty of gross negligence"?

Guess I missed the trial.

Star Womanspirit said...

We will all probably miss the trial....since the Obama administration doesn't seem to be very interested in "looking back" when it comes to rich and powerful people....and that's what it takes to bring anyone to trial.
After all, they said they investigated but couldn't find anyone guilty over at AIG....and our Justice Dept prosecutors were said to have been acting in a "defense attorney" mode when they botched up the case against the Blackwater mercenaries so that those mercenaries literally got away with murdering unarmed civilians....(except there may be a civil trial for monetary damages on that one).

It looks like only middle class and working class Americans will have to face court trials etc in the Corporate States of America.

Anonymous said...

Hello America.

As the country whose citizens use the most energy per head, I think the vitriolic comments about BP and its chief executive particularly unhelpful.

I am sure the people of Bhopal would have welcomed the same level of concern and compensation when an American owned company was involved in the deaths of thousands and the continuing suffering of survivors to this day.

BP is an international company with a large number of American employees and has not been called British Petroleum since 1998 when it merged with Amoco (American Oil Company ), but it is convenient to blame a foreign company for this accident, rather than look at domestic energy consumption.

It is embarrassing for President Obama as he had encouraged development of domestic oil supplies, to reduce America’s dependence on foreign imports.
However rather than passing the buck and blaming BP, his reputation would be better served by encouraging America to accept it’s huge consumption of oil is a factor in the environmental damaged caused by all oil exploration.