Monday, June 07, 2010

Make Homosexuals Marry


eray said...

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Anonymous said...

It was an insightful and real documentary "Born Again". To each his/her own - but as far as I am concerned "Sexuality over Spirituality" is the bottom line of this documentary and I'm so fine with that. Everybody has the right to choose whatever they want to be or (not be) but it is unfair to expect choices without consequences. That is what FREEDOM and DECISION MAKING means. All decisions/choices come with their own set of consequences. We have the right to shun such Christians, Muslims, Jews etc. etc. and they have the right to shun us. We have the right to be true to ourselves and our beliefs they have the right to be true to themselves and their beliefs - no matter how ridiculous those are to us or vice versa. I bet their side would say everybody has a vice - a crucifix they have to carry themselves and fight against it no matter how bad the urges are. I have often heard such people say “well straight married believers have to deal with their natural adulterous urges but they keep working on it and going to church and not quit waiting for God’s help in carrying their cross, they don’t demand that their church change its position on adultery” - or somebody who struggles with gluttony also a sin in many religions - yet many overweight people have to struggle with it with all the guilt and everything (remember your fat pastor) and some in the end call it quits and go all board and then suffer the consequences - end up on biggest looser or in graveyard. In the end all that matters is: your choices your consequences! Here or in the afterlife - If you believe in that sort of thing or if you want to decide to take that risk? Some of us take that risk and that is our decision and we should expect the consequences and not expect the rest of the world to change their beliefs or church policies - just so our consequences could seemingly go away or become less harmful to us. If I taste Indian food for the first time and realize that I prefer Indian food over McDonalds then I should not go to McDonalds and demand they change their menu in order to be more inclusive to people like me. I should simply stop going to McDonalds and start going to an Indian Restaurant. (or learn Indian cooking and open my own restaurant that serves both Indian and American food) Thank God we have that freedom in America to do that - can you imagine being gay in Saudi Arabia? By the way Indian food so rocks!

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