Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fox News "NOT"

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It's no coincidence that Fox News has a history of taking on causes that harm minorities and poor people. Fox took heavily edited videotapes that do NOT portray the facts or the truth to take on Acorn and to have a black woman fired from the USDA.

Why does anyone watch Fox News? They do not even practice Journalism 101--CHECK the FACTS and get the story out. Fox appears to have a different mission and it harms the weak, the powerless and the poor. It is an agenda that benefits the rich and powerful and to do this the truth is irrelevant and propaganda is supreme.

I "betcha" racists and corporate lobbyists love Fox News "Not"....We already know Dick Cheney and Karl Rove are huge fans of Fox News!!

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James Young said...

Uh, if you're concerned with accuracy, you ought to practice it.

Fox News did not run the tape before Sherrod was fired/asked to resign.