Thursday, July 29, 2010

Social Security does NOT need to be saved!

Social Security does not need to be saved. We need to FINALLY take a good hard look at how a few folks are emptying our treasury and stealing our taxes all in the name of homeland security.

It's madness. Working people have paid into a retirement system that is solvent and works. Social Security is not a is an investment for retirement. However, the "elected" officials keep raiding the retirement funds in order to make a few folks rich off of corporate warfare. The US is spending money like there's no tomorrow when it comes to warfare. The US is launching wars for corporations all over the world. Millions of people are murdered so a few elitist corporate folks can live like robber barons. They sell this travesty via "patriotism." I hope the American people will wake up and demand an end to these corporate murders in the name of patriotism.

Enough is enough. Serious about the deficit. Then stop playing politics. Take social security off of the table and try to lift up that heavy defense spending up onto the table and please start chopping off huge chunks....and while you're at it...put that foolhardy drug war up there on the chopping block too.


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