Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The LYING United Corporate States of America

Why does the corporation owned US government think they can get away with blatent lies? Is this because the corporations not only own the US government but the US media as well?

Is this why they think they can lie about what's really being done in the Gulf States? They are HIDING the oil not cleaning it up!

We need a REAL government that protects and serves the people...not a corporate government that makes insane laws that strips the people of their voice and their wealth.

Where is the political party that represents the people? It surely isn't doing anyone any good to vote the lesser of the two evils strategy...in fact, corporate interests count on us doing this! The current two party system is set up so that corporations win no matter who we elect.

No matter what your political ideology (left, right or center)...no one wins until we take the legalized bribery out of the system and replace this with publicly financed elections.


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Anonymous said...

It is definitely the last few steps. We've been warned since 1913, but people are fucking idiots.

So much propaganda it is simply calculable that so many would cling to god and guns. The projection is rampant.


America needs to die so something far less ugly can be reborn from this torture loving empire.