Monday, September 27, 2010

Two Republican Senators stop the National Women's History Museum

The National Women's History Museum--NWHM--has been approved by the House. This allows for the purchase of land on the National Mall.

However, two Republican Senators placed an anonymous hold to prevent the NWHM project from proceeding forward. (Update: the two Republican lawmakers with holds on the bill are South Carolina's Jim DeMint and Tom Coburn from Okalahoma.)

What possible reason could they have to stop this project? It will not cost the American taxpayers a single penny. Private donations are financing this museum.

What do DeMint and Coburn have against women? Are DeMint and Coburn so intent on following the Republican game plan to obstruct and bring the country to a complete standstill just for political gain? They will invest their energy into negativity and prevent a Museum for Women from becoming a reality even though it is a free gift to the American people?

Shame on DeMint, Coburn and the policy of Republicans to bring everything to a standstill!

Meanwhile the rest of us go without. (Source)


J. Tyler Ballance said...

It could be that they can see that there is already too many memorials and such on the Mall already.

I think that it would be far better for all museums to include the whole contribution of society to a particular era, rather than segregating out, women, and various pet minority groups that currently hold the favor of our federal government.

A vote against the museum is just a vote against another garish attempt to further divide our citizens, by gender and gene pool of origin.

United, we must stand.

Star Womanspirit said...

I respectfully disagree J. Tyler.

If lack of space were actually the reason for their dissent I would suspect this measure would not be held up by only two Republican Senators. These two Republican Senators have a record of little to no support of supporting women's issues through the years. (Their positions on women's issues are online at Vote Smart). Their voting records explain more for why they are OBSTRUCTING. It seems if it doesn't match the Republican agenda 100% then the Republicans will do anything to stop it. This is not good government.

These Senators tried to hid behind the cloak of anonymity by placing the blind hold on this project.