Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's going to get really hot for the US on Planet Earth

The rest of the world knows that global warming is real (they don't have the same propaganda corporate media that we do here). I don't believe that citizens in the US realize what is coming down the pike economically if we don't go green quickly. The corporations trying to wring out every penny of short term profit is treating the US as a dumping ground third world country.

We will continue to let our government be sold to the highest corporate bidder at our own peril and economic collapse. We've fallen from 29th to 54th in the world as far as health care and life expectancy (due to our corporate profit driven health care system). At the current rate we are going to be in the rear for the new economies of green technology.

You can bet I will NOT be sending a thank you letter to climate denier (economy killer) Cuccinnelli.


Anonymous said...

And your qualifications are? Where do you get your information from and why do you think that information is any more reliable and true than the information that takes the opposing view? I am an engineer and scientist and really don't know who is right, but my background and common sense tells me not to believe some charlatan (sp?) like Al Gore who, I know, is in it not for science but purely monetary. He is a snake oil salesman of the first order who has snookered you and the world.

Star Womanspirit said...

My gracious who even mentioned Al Gore except you? I see you don't even address the issue of the world's perception of the USA and a likely boycott....Gracious, maybe you should take some classes in communication and learn to actually discuss an issue rather than just hurl meaningless stuff that simply maims any discourse.

IN your case Anonymous is not a woman...but simply lacks courage.

Cargosquid said...

New Zealand Climate experts lied about warming.

Its the developing world that will refuse to cut their carbon output. China and India's output is higher than ours. Japan just flatly refused to follow the Kyoto protocols. And the environmentalists refuse to utilize the only energy source that does not put out carbon - nuclear power.

Oh, and carbon does not drive warming. Water vapor and the sun does. Mostly the sun....

And there's no warming since 1998. And cooling will kill more people than warming. Get ready for a mini-ice age in the next few decades.