Sunday, February 20, 2011

Radiation is Dangerous...

With anti-uranium moratorium lobbyists visiting our elected officials in Richmond to hurry up and lift our uranium moratorium whose side do you think our state government is on....the few folks who want to get rich off uranium mining or the people of Virginia who will bear the consequences? Don't forget to ask who is filling their campaign coffers.

I contend Virginia will lose more jobs than are gained from this insane idea to make Virginia the first wet climate to mine uranium.

Folks in Arizona just beat back the uranium mining interests...they know better than to trust this industry.

Remember uranium is dangerous....radiation is dangerous. Go on facebook and friend Uranium Free Virginia. Research this for yourself...give your insurance company a call...they won't insure your home or property for any damages from this venture.

Knowledge is power. Educate yourself then spread the word.


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