Monday, March 14, 2011

Nuclear is the worst investment for jobs

According to this study taxpayer dollars should NOT be diverted to nuclear technology since it has the worst record for jobs creation. Agriculture, water infrastructure, solar, wind, smart grid, roads and bridges repair, livestock, crop agriculture provide more jobs per dollar.

In addition the corporate generated myth of nuclear as clean energy is now being exposed as a big lie with the most recent disaster in Japan.

In this age of terrorism we need safe, clean, sustainable energy--let's invest in the technology of the future and create more jobs per dollar with wind, solar, biomass and let the private investors do nuclear if they so desire but without the taxpayer funded corporate welfare.

Solar energy is CHEAPER than nuclear (and will continue to grow cheaper than nuclear over time) and it creates more jobs.
Contact your state and federal officials and tell them NO taxpayer bailout for nuclear profiteers. We need value for our tax dollars...end the government bailouts for corporate profiteers!

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