Monday, July 31, 2006


Apologies to all for "disappearing" for a few days....Mosquitos are apt to do this sometimes. The wind whips up and away we go.

Mosquito got a chance to go on a camping adventure for a few days...prowl around the woods and waters...My country cousins have it good....a variety of the urban environment it's mostly "people" on the menu.

Unfortunately, there was no internet access....since it was a spontaneous "as the wind blows" kind of thing I didn't have a chance to warn my beloved readers....I've been enjoying my fan club...I appreciated your emails. I am less appreciative of the daily visits from ( it appears to be an "information" division on the west coast and east coast) and folks who seem to be tracking this mosquito on a regular basis now. I counted on the and folks....but the (army "information systems" i.e. intelligence?) and the asset and forfeiture dept at were surprises. I guess the patriot act has opened the door to quite a few surprises everywhere. I hate to see my tax dollars at work this way.

Why don't you guys start grappling with some real problems like global warming and how to protect our ports? If you want to make your jobs easier....send me an email with your questions...I have nothing to hide.

Anyway, I'm back....I have a bunch of necessary errands to do today (which will take hours) and then I need to catch up on some current events...but I hope to have some interesting stuff for you up soon.

Buzz, Buzz....Mosquito


VB Dems Blog said...

Glad to see you're back. I was getting worried about you.

Mosquito said...

thanks for the welcome back. still buzzing...N