Thursday, July 27, 2006

Noteable Quotes

Last December Joe Lieberman said, "It is time for Democrats who distrust President Bush to acknowledge that he will be commander-in-chief for three more critical years and that in matters of war we undermine presidential credibility at our nation's peril." To which U. S. Rep. John Murtha replied, "Undermining his credibility ? What has [Bush] said that would give him credibility?"

"I was a Republican until they lost their minds," Charles Barkley, former NBA star.

March 2006 Press Briefing with Don Rumsfeld:
Reporter's Question: What is the difference in your mind between sectarian violence and civil war?
SEC. RUMSFELD: You know, it's a good question, and we have been trying to look for a way to characterize what are the ingredients of a civil war, and how would you know if there was one, and what would it look like, and what might be its progression, either up to increased violence or down to less violence. And it's a hard thing to do, and people are analyzing that and thinking about it. And I think until I've had a chance to think more about it and -- I will say, I don't think it'll look like the United States' civil war.

Ingredients for a civil war? How about "sectarian violence" and approximately 100 civilians deaths per day? The current death toll in Iraq surpasses anything happening in Lebanon. I'm sure that the folks in Bush World are pleased that Iraq is being "ignored" by the media. Bush's current "plan" for Iraq is "to send more troops....

Bush told Brownie, "You're doing a heck-of-a job Brownie." Into that same vein of logic Mosquito goes, "You're doing a heck-of-a job Bushie!"

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