Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mosquito's First Blog

To develop personal awareness and personal consciousness is to develop a Mage's way of being in the world: A natural magic that involves wisdom, knowledge of self, and a deep knowledge of the interconnectedness and harmony of all.

This Clarity unmasks the myth of individuality and aloneness that has plagued humankind for centuries.

A new consciousness evolves that is paradoxical. Seeing the interconnectedness of self within the energy of all life forms brings to light that everything one does matters greatly. Everything we do impacts the world. The physicists call this Chaos Theory and they often cite the example of a butterfly and its wings impacting weather worldwide to describe this principle.

The neo liberals are changing the world into a new chaotic "white" man made madness. It is enough to drive me to blog. I call on the strength and knowledge of my brothers and sisters in Mexico and throughout central and south america. The Zapatistas, the revolutionaries in Bolivia and Venezuela. I remember your cultural wisdom and know that I am not powerless. I strive to be a mage mosquito.

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