Tuesday, July 25, 2006

R2D2 is funny, it's slick...

I even chuckled when I heard the phrase used. But it won't stick. It won't stick because the people are sick of slick campaign slogans, empty promises, cronyism and corruption in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, you aren't solving the problem, you are part of the problem. We want our incumbents to run on their records. George Allen your record is abysmal.

You can brag about all the money you have raised. I'm sure you won't talk about the money you received from Jack Abramoff on 4/28/2000. We are well aware that the corporate elite are lining your pockets. I would have preferred that you spent your time in office sponsoring and/or supporting legislation on campaign finance reform. I want a candidate who owes no favors to the special interests of the corporate elite.

Where were you when we phoned and wrote you numerous times about net neutrality? You didn't even have the decency to tell your constituents how you were going to vote on this issue despite numerous requests. Then you try to deceive us by posting some slick PR on your website making it "appear" that you voted for Net Neutrality. But we figured out what you were going to do before you voted for your corporate constituents....You were in the top 10 list of recipients of corporate telecommunications money. You serve the same "ELITE" interests that are George Bush (your mentor's) base.

Where were you when we demanded an independent investigation of the government's incompetent response to Katrina? We remain vulnerable to continued incompetence because you have done nothing on this except protect the people who should have been held accountable.

Where were you when we asked that Big Oil NOT be given the opportunity to drill in ANWR? When I called your office I explained that I was concerned that "our" oil would simply disappear somewhere in the world and the profiteers would be the Big Oil executives. We need to safeguard that oil for a time in the future when we will need it more and it's value will be higher. That oil belongs to the American people NOT Big Oil and it should be safeguarded for a future date when we have an urgent need.

I'm angry George. You have taken the Grand Old Party that my father loved and supported and turned it into the Grand Oil Party.

What in the world did you do in Iraq? You used taxpayer money to visit Iraq's green zone to "see for yourself" what was going on. "Bored George [you] forgot to take off your rose colored glasses."
The Virginia Pilot editorial board writes, Ă‚Allen's...appraisal..ignores the relentless reports of American military deaths and injuries, Iraqi civilian casualties, and factional fighting in a nation that seems to be growing more dangerous by the day. Perhaps the good senator saw what his politics wanted him to see....As always, though, the truth isn't neat, and anyone who pretends it is risks seeming entirely out of touch with truth. That Allen has done so here, eagerly bolstering the White House line, may score him points with Washington's GOP elite. But it is unlikely to do him much good among the Virginians who have grown wiser and wearier about the war and who deserve to hear a truth untainted by election-year politics. [Virginia Pilot, Editorial, 6/6/06]

Finally, the corporate media will report that Iraq is out of control and in the middle of a civil war. What's the plan now George? Have you even asked your beloved George Bush this one simple question?

In the meantime, while you live in comfortable splendor our "poor" soldiers continue to fight..while you say you support the troops. Why aren't you insisting on a withdrawal plan? It's well known that the troops were polled and 72% want to withdraw from Iraq. Maybe you don't get it because you are an urban cowboy and not a soldier.

I expect that you will continue to play politics as usual. I am disgusted with folks (be they Democrats or Republicans) who put their party first and America last. I've been your constituent far too long and heard my requests that you represent MY INTERESTS fall on deaf ears. I'm tired of you supporting "your friend" George Bush and his cronies at my expense.

I'm tired of America's national treasury being looted by your cronies in no bid contracts in Iraq and in thin the Katrinana debacle.

George we didn't ask you to kick your friend George Bush when he's down. We only asked that you do your job and hold him, and other elected officials, accountable for their programs and policies. You did Bush (and us) a disservice when you gave him a blank check to do whatever he wanted with no oversight, no checks, and no balance.

You brag about your fundraising abilities and disparage your contender's "lack of money." "Maybe" I should give you a break on this one. (The way I see it, it's one of the few things you can brag about.) But I see all that money as a disadvantage to me. The corporate elites are filling your pockets with money. You owe them favors and will sell us out every time an issue comes up that will make the elite richer and the middle class (on down) poorer. Poor George, I'm afraid you just can't win. We can't afford you.

I will also give you credit for knowing where Craney Island is. But that little bit of knowlegdede pales in comparison to your conclusions on the ground in Iraq's Green Zone and your Senate record.

You follow closely in George Bush's footprints. Our country doesn't need another Bush follower to keep us "deadset" on this disastrous course. This course has set the Middle East ablaze and innocent civilians (and soldiers) are dying. In the meantime, America's image in the world is...I don't even have a word to describe how low it has fallen. It will probably take many decades for us to redeem ourselves in the eyes of the world.

I'm not vengeful George. Since you enjoy horseback riding, I'm content with you riding off into the sunset on a horse. But you might want to take off those rose colored glasses. I'd hate to see you ride off a cliff.

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Howling Latina said...

I absolutely adore your jab at the Grand Oil Party.

Grrreat stuff!