Tuesday, July 25, 2006

George's campaign funds from Big Oil

VA Senator George Allen received $227,950 in campaign contributions from the Energy and Natural Resources sector. The oil industry was his second largest total in this category at $70,700. (Note: These figures do NOT include money from individual contributors like "oil executives.")

The Republican party supports giving subsidies to the oil industry with record breaking profits. Does anyone wonder what happened to the idea of campaign finance reform?

George with his "Bush 97%" rating went along with them. At least we don't have to worry about the oil industry. Check it out:
--Houston based ConocoPhillips' 2Q profits surge 65 percent to $5.2 billion
--Exxon reports 36 percent earnings increase
--Shell, Europe's second largest oil company, 2Q profit up 40 pct. on oil prices

IF my income had risen that much in three months (and had been rising dramatically in previous quarters) I would be dancing in the streets. (Note: Dancing in the streets is more fun than protesting in the streets.) I would be able to give campaign donations to keep those favors coming too. Unfortunately, with the high gas prices my household income is falling dramatically.

George you've done a great job looking out for Big Oil companies and subsidizing them at my expense. Do you even wonder why I'm not grateful? Do you understand why I find your "boasting" about how much funds you have for this election a good reason NOT to vote for you. Expensive, slick campaign TV ads are not going o change my mind. Are you even curious about what your constituents want George? Is this money from Big Oil more than enough for you?

AGL Resources $2,000

American Gas Assn $2,000

Anadarko Petroleum $7,000

Ashland Inc $1,000

Atmos Energy $3,100

BP $3,000

Burlington Resources $3,000

Chevron Corp $3,000

ConocoPhillips $2,000

Exxon Mobil $5,000

Halliburton Co $2,000

Hunt Oil $4,000

Interstate Natural Gas Assn of America $1,000

Kerr-McGee Corp $1,000

Koch Industries $9,000

Marathon Oil $4,100

Mid-Continent Oil & Gas Assn $1,000

National Assn of Truck Stop Operator $1,000

National Ocean Industries Assn $2,000

National Propane Gas Assn $3,000

Occidental Petroleum $3,000

Petroleum Marketers Assn $2,000

Shell Oil $2,000

Washington Gas Light Co $1,000

Williams Companies $3,500

Data from opensecrets.org

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