Friday, July 14, 2006

Remember the Troops who don't want to be there...

Ava Lowery is a 15 year old peace activist (from Alabama) who received death threats from rabid Bush supporters for this Video.

Think about the troops who don't want to be "occupiers" of Iraq. Her new Peace takes Courage video provides some balance to the government spin that the MSM puts out. We have troops praying that we'll stand up and support them. Take a few minutes to watch the video and think about what it means to "support our troops" as Iraq continues to spin out of control. I hope everyone plans to vote this November. Seriously consider supporting a "real" troop such as Jim Webb and not another chickenhawk like George A. We already have an abundance of chickenhawks squawkin' up there in D.C.


Insider said...

Liberal hypocrite.

You criticize when Republicans use labels, and in your very next post, you use labels like "chickenhawk"


Mosquito said...

Would you mind citing example(s) of my criticism of Republicans who use labels? I might make for an interesting discourse.

VB Dems Blog said...

Thanks for posting these. The WWJD is very powerful.

Carl Sheeler For Senate said...

Ava is the future's vision today. She is stating in an unfiltered way, where do we want our communities, country and world to be in ten years?

It's for this reason our campaign is proud to receive her US Senate endorsement and to have her produce our first campaign ad that emphasizes hope and not fear.

It may be previewed at The netroots will redefine politics in the 21st century and levels the playing field for other than just wealthy patricians and those backed by corporate and special interests.