Friday, July 14, 2006

Baghdad starts to collapse as its people flee a life of death

I just spoke with a friend who is on an international email list. The past week they have grown more and more alarmed at what they perceive to be a world news blackout on what's occurring in Iraq. Hopefully the corporate controlled MSM blackout is coming to an end. I came across this a few hours ago.

I was aware a few days ago that the nightmare was growing more horrific after checking in here.

I'm still trying to collect all the info since I'm also a subscriber on that list. However, the posts are very sensitive b/c some of those folks live in places that if it was known they were participating it could mean their death. So I'll see if I have permission to post some of what they are saying.

If you are moved to take any sort of action I would suggest emailing the first link to your local news media (press and tv) and asking them why they aren't reporting this crucial information!


VB Dems Blog said...

That first link doesn't seem to want to work for me???

Mosquito said...

I'm not sure why it doesn't but here's the url It's Riverbend's blog. She has always been ambivalent about US troops in Iraq. She no longer is. Now She simply wants the US to leave Iraq asap.