Monday, July 17, 2006

Terror in the Mid East

I have not come across any more reports of the Israeli poison "gas" so I'm wondering what's up with that. True, not true? I have no idea....However there is one atrocity that is showing up in numerous reports. The Israeli soldiers ordered civilians to leave their homes. Then they bombed and incinerated the 20 fleeing civilians. (This story was first published by Beirut IndyMedia.)

Renowned British journalist Robert Fisk "watched one of these [surprises] from my sea-front balcony at dusk on Saturday, an American-made Apache helicopter turning three times over the Mediterranean before firing a single missile - perfectly visible, with smoke pouring from the tail - that smacked into Beirut's brand new lighthouse on the Corniche in a cloud of brown muck. So what was this for? Another "terrorist" target, I suppose. Like the gas stations bombed in the Bekaa Valley. Like the convoy of 20 civilians incinerated in an Israeli air-raid on Saturday after being ordered - by the Israelis themselves - to leave their home village on the border."

I find it astonishing that the alleged terrorists in the Mid-east--Hamas and Hezbollah--were playing within the rules of the Geneva Convention and originally restricted their targets to military ones (i.e. the "captured" soldiers). Israel has not show the same restraint and both sides have now taken off the gloves. [NOTE: suicide bombers have not played by the rules and they targeted civilians...hence the label "terrorist."] The rulebook has been thrown out. War is never civilized, but the rules of the Geneva Convention granted protection to civilian noncombatants. We could flee an area without becoming military targets.

Unfortunately, the US has been a world leader in not playing by the rules of the Geneva Convention. Can't nations be terrorists too...When they target civilian populations and vital infrastructures?

I detest this new world order of no rules and no laws at home or abroad. What's become of civilization? I am reminded of something Gandhi said. When asked what he thought of western civilization, Gandhi replied, "I think it would be a a very good idea." I do too, Papou, I do too.


Insider said...

Figures you'd defend Hamas and Hezbollah and criticize Isreal for responding.

Mosquito said...

I don't think anyone is "right" in this conflict. I'm trying to present info so a more balanced view can be put on the table. There's a lot of pro-israel stuff already in the "tubes" (as Senator Stevens would say).....

I don't see it as simply as "Israel responding."

I wish all of them would STOP THE VIOLENCE!! At the very least they could "honor" the Geneva Conventions and do their best to portect innocent civilans instead of attacking them.