Monday, July 17, 2006

Local Film Seminar: Converging Storms: Energy, Capitalism and the Environment

A new 3-Part film seminar series at The Studio For the Healing Arts on Wednesdays July 19-August 2.

Wed, July 19 More Inconvenience: Energy and The Environment

We'll examine issues associated with a global system whose petroleum dependency and imperative to expand is precipitating, and colliding with, the ecological realities of diminishing fossil fuels, global warming, resource depletion and contamination (food, water, land, etc), species extinction, and over-population. What is the nature of the environmental crises now challenging the global system?

Wed, July 26 Who Killed the Democratic Experiment?

We'll address the underlying causes of the multiple global crises.
Topics include: the intrinsic contradictions of capitalism,
globalization, militarism, corporate consolidation and the
elimination of market competition, the global "race to the bottom" by business to exploit cheap labor and lax environmental standards, and the fraud of neo-classical economics taught in universities. The role of racism, nationalism, religious bigotry, and anti-immigrant
"nativism" to justify the actions by secret governments that
undermine citizen's privacy, civil rights, and electoral rights (voting fraud).

Wed, August 2 The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community
We'll expose the myths of empire and the culture of domination. We'll tell new stories for a global civil society and a culture of partnership. Discussion of relocalization of our food production, in working local commerce, expanding fair trade measures, education and community-building. How do we fit into the emerging "other superpower": the convergence of grass-roots environmental, global justice, and peace movements to raise consciousness and supply leadership throughout the world.

Host: Tench Phillips, Naro Cinema

Facilitators: Two visionary scholars will provide their perspectives on the global crises.

Tom Ellis will offer a gaian humanitarian world-view. He is a
professor of English at TCC, an officer of the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club, and founder of gaia circle.

Steve Rosenthal will offer a Marxist socialist world-view. He is a professor of Sociology at Hampton University and leads the local chapter of Amnesty International with his wife Mimi.

Dates: Wednesdays, July 19. 26, and August 2 at 7:15pm
Location: Studio for the Healing Arts, 1611 Colley Ave (2nd floor) in Ghent.

Registration: $25 for the series. Call Naro office at 625-6275 to pre-register, seating is limited. Visit for more

Film clips include previews of the following new titles:
Who Killed the Electric Car? Waging a Living Why We Fight
America From Freedom to Fascism Crisis is Our Business The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil The War Tapes


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