Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Texas Republican says Impeach Bush

David Swanson ( reports that Republican Texas Congressman Ron Paul said this on the radio yesterday:
---"I would have trouble arguing that he's been a Constitutional President, and once you violate the Constitution and be proven to do that I think these people should be removed from office."
---"Congress has generously ignored the Constitution while the President flaunts it, the courts have ignored it and they get in the business of legislating so there's no respect for the rule of law."
--"When the President signs all these bills and then adds statements after saying I have no intention of following it - he's in a way signing it and vetoing - so in his mind he's vetoing a lot of bills, in our mind under the rule of law he hasn't vetoed a thing."

The radio interview is available here

David Swanson is calling on folks to email Rep. Ron Paul at and ask him to act on his convictions. Ron Paul is correct. George Bush should be impeached for the "right" reasons. Violating the constitution of the United States is a good place to start. This is not political revenge; it's about protecting our constitution and our liberty. I hope you will email AND call Rep. Ron Paul at
(202) 225-2831

Ask Rep. Ron Paul to step up to the plate and do what he knows in his heart needs doing.

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