Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Tidewater Dems Gathering

This evening, Dr. D. C. Armasinghe held an event at the Dawat Indian restaurant near Military Circle. Approximately 50 people attended. The evening included a short presentation by the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi… It was refreshing to see a roomful of Americans in a multicultural atmosphere complete with a different sense of time and presentation style. The Big Buy documentary was the highlight of the evening. This Robert Greenwald documentary does a great job of detailing the corruption that Tom Delay spread throughout Texas which has had a profound effect on Washington DC and the nation. It’s a shameful testament to our current state of corporate controlled media that this film has not appeared on any of our major TV networks. One new fact that I didn’t know….Virginia’s own Randy Forbes is one of Delay’s “patsies” and he received lots of money. Virginians need to prepare now for Delay’s influence in VA. Delay is making his home here and I wouldn’t be surprised if money from Delay (and Texas) are not already infiltrating our state legislature. Abramoff allegedly donated a tidy sum to Virginia’s current Republican Attorney General. I doubt that he’s going to investigate himself.

After the film, Susan Mariner gave an effective talk that enlisted new volunteers for Jim Webb’s Senate Campaign. The representative from Phil Kellam’s campaign had less luck during his pitch. He asked for questions and Star Womanspirit asked how Democrats could support Kellam when he supports the Republican’s ANTI-Gay Marriage Amendment and says that he supports President Bush’s decision to invade Iraq and stay there until the job is finished. I was pleasantly surprised to see this outspoken audience member get support from the majority of the attendees and hear Kellam referred to as Thelma Drake Lite. These Kellam positions are not popular among this gathering of Democrats. I find it interesting that Star Womanspirit is active with the MoveOn campaign that is educating the public about Thelma Drake’s poor congressional record. It appears that local Democrats prefer their candidates to offer a alternative to the Republican agenda. Of course, the folks are “reluctantly” supporting Phil Kellam. But I suspect if he doesn’t offer them a good performance he will end up facing a hard Democratic primary in the next election cycle.

With these positions, Phil Kellam does not deserve the work of unpaid volunteers. He’s wealthy enough to pay his campaign staff. Hopefully, Kellam will have a chance to prove that he is a Democrat if elected to the House. Thelma Drake has already demonstrated that she’s not worthy of re-election. Her 98% record of voting for Bush’s agenda proves that she sold her soul to the elite corporate special interest groups. Luckily, concerned citizens wanting a real change have the option of working for Jim Webb, whose campaign funding will not come close to the corporate funded war chest that George FELIX Allen has accumulated.


Vivian J. Paige said...

Phil still hasn't seen the light?

hr_conservative said...

Mosquito!! Cool name. I don't think Phil will end up winning in November. Someone needs to give the man some ideas. He keeps stealing them from Thelma.

Good luck blogging! Check out my site if you get a chance. Our opinions defer greatly, but that is what makes blogging fun!

Mosquito said...

LOL...Thank heavens Phil hasn't stolen the idea to sell out and get caught "redhanded" with his hand in the cookie jar from Thelma. Thelma sold us out to big oil and the pharmaceutical companies. (And the telecommunications lobbyists when she voted against net neutrality. Thelma Drake loves those special interest corporate lobbyists!) My father was a conservative but even he would have to jump ship with what the "conservatives" have beeome We have less freedom, less security, our national and personal treasury is being robbed blind by the corporations and the conservatives are the fox in our hen house. Corruption isn't acceptable no matter what one believes and it's rampant in the current conservative politicians.

You sound like a decent soul...have you really looked at what conservatives have been doing to our country? The defict for one...Do you run your household budget like that?

I think all the decent conservatives need to jump ship because what I see in the Republican party today is nothing but crooked scoundrels.

Yeah, Phil Kellam will end up beating out Thelma dRake....but if he doesn't prove himself in the seat he wins I'll be the first to work against any progressive Dem ready to unseat him if he doesn't represent the regular folks in the district.

Mosquito said...

sorry for the typos...I "meant" I would work "with" any progressive Dem.....just got too many irons in the fire at the moment. I'll be happy to check out your blog when I have some time...

hr_conservative said...

I knew what you meant, mosquito.

Man, you left a full essay on my site, haha. I will respond when I get a chance.

Of course I hate the spending. But conservatives are not at fault for this. Republicans are. Now, I knows Dems don't see a difference, but there is one. I always tell people I am a conservative, not a Republican. Conservatives do not spend us out of house and home. President Bush is a Republican, not a conservative. I love his national security, but his domestic policies urke me at times. I wish he had shown more determination in privatizing Social Security, for example.

Phil Kellam is not going to win by walking behind Thelma Drake and letting MoveOn talk for him.

For argument sake though, let's say Phil wins and he is a moderate not a full progessive, even (gasp) siding with the Republicans at times. Are you sure you would want to work for his defeat? Virginia Beach is a very conservative district, and a liberal vs. even a moderate Republican and Republican wins. We would just take the seat back in two years.

I don't think Phil would win, but I didn't know if you had thought that through. Good blog. Disagree with everything, haha, but good blog.

Mosquito said...

I'm happy to hear you hate the spending. We agree on that. I'm puzzled that you "support" Bush since he's the biggest spender in the history of this country. Such waste and so many "give aways" to the special interests groups--big oil, pharmaceuticals, war profiteers, etc. Has there ever been a corporation or an "elite" billionaire that Bush doesn't give our money too?

I agree that Phill Kellam is not "liberal" or "progressive" in any sense of the word. I hear he's a "moderate." A big plus for Kellam--he's not known for being corrupt. Unlike Drake who has defintely settled into being on the take with all those corrupt corporate lobbyists in D.C. Give aways to big oil, big pharmaceutical corporations, and voting against increasing the weak penalties on "war profiteering" don't make Drake the candidate of choice of any "conservative" or "moderate."

I am not working "against" Kellam. He just doesn't have my support, i.e. I will not volunteer or "lift" a finger to help him get elected because of his stance on two major issues--the gay marriage amendment and his statements on the Iraq war (which seem to be the same as Thelma Drake's). I try to expose Thelma Drake's corrupt record in Washington. If that helps Phil Kellam it is an unintended byproduct.

I have no problem with moderates, conservatives, and liberals working together. Hopefully if they do this with open minds and open hearts a creative solution can evolve. One major problem in America is the current Republican adminstration (and Republican party) working to divide and divert us from the important issues. While we are divided and diverted, we are being robbed blind by the special corporate interests. The corrupt neocons currently heading the Republican party won't work with anybody. Their arrogant power grabs and corporate "partnerships" have created a fascist regime that is downright terrifying and threatens our constitution and our way of life. I often heard that we need to be eternally diligent because "internal threats and internal enemies" are the greatest threats to our country. I'm disgusted to see this reality being played out in the national arena on a daily basis.

I would love to see a real hero stand up to the special corporate interests and their Republican party. The pampered "elites" currently in the White House aren't capable of "protecting" us from any real threat. Chicken hawk is a good descriptor for George, Karl, Dick, Paul.....

In the meantime, I will settle for restoring the checks and balances we desperately need. The Republican "totalitarian" power grab needs to be broken if our democracy is to survive. That's why I hope the democrats can re-take Congress. We definitely need some sort of balance to be re-established in Washington.

Personally, I would like to see our government evolve into multi-parties. It's just too easy for corporations to control a two-party democracy.

For the record....I'm truly an Independent at this point. I dislike folks putting "party first and country last." Currently, I'm given two choices Republican or Democrat. IMO, especially given the current state of affairs, Democrat is the lesser of the two evils. (I currently exempt Rep. Bobby Scott, Jim Webb, and a few select others from the "lesser of the two evils." They exhibit integrity and ethics that are sorely needed in D.C.)

Glad you like the blog even if you don't agree with me