Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Un-plug from the MSM matrix

Surf over to Electronic Infidel and check out this editorial.
Electronic Infidel is:
...committed to communicating the realities of life on the ground for ordinary Palestinians and challenging myths and distortions about them in the commercial media through analysis and our own reporting. EI is independent of any political, factional, ethnic, or religious affiliation, and bases its view of the conflict on the foundation of universal human rights and international law. The Electronic Intifada condemns all attacks on civilians, regardless of the perpetrators, yet encourages people to examine the structural roots and dynamics of violence in the conflict and the imbalance of power that perpetuates these dynamics.

EI undertakes research, and compiles and publishes reference material, commentary & analysis, personal journals from the frontlines of the conflict, media news and analysis, and even satire. EI aims aspects of its information service at journalists & editors, activists -- occasionally encouraging letters of concern -- at students of the media, and researchers looking for reference material, and offers automatically updating streaming content via our "wire service for websites",

This website covers the Lebanon-Israel conflict, various statistics (including death and injury toll), history resources, media analysis, and even recipes from the Palestinian kitchen.

Corporate controlled mainstream media advertises "fair and balanced" or objective news coverage; we end up with corporate and political "spin." (If you believe their advertisements I have a bridge to sell you....oops..that old time "adage" is becoming obsolete isn't it?)

Check out a variety of sources that openly admit a Palestinan bias, an Israeli bias, an Iraqi bias, a "South American" bias...compare the different POV's and think for yourself. What a revolutionary concept.

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