Saturday, July 15, 2006

VA Pilot Poll on Webb vs. Allen

I heard that the professional politicos believe that George Allen's popular in the Hampton Roads region. The Virginia Pilot is running a poll

Who will you vote for in the November race for the U.S. Senate? As of 8:05 pm 1,137 votes have been cast. James Webb has 50.84% George Allen has 42.83% and 6.33% are undecided.

I realize these online polls are not "scientific." But it's refreshing that a 16-1 campaign contribution advantage is not reflected in this online poll. Felix, have you ever heard this? Money isn't everything


hr_conservative said...

Please. The poll is no indicator. Especially since other blogs have been telling Dems to go there and vote.

I know you need something to console yourself after that pitiful fundraising attempt, but this is a bit pitiful.

Mosquito said...

hr_ I'm glad to see that you are alive and well...hello again.

I didn't promote this poll as "scientific" and surely the VA Pilot's polls are flawed...witness the one about the community's reaction to Thelma Drake's censorship of MoveOn Ads from Cox Cable...that poll did a total reversal in about 20 minutes on the evening of the sure knows the "tricks" of the trade for working online newspaper polls.

It was just a comment of interest about the online poll that is in an area considered Allen's stronghold.

Actually I don't see Webb's fundraising as "pitiful." The vast amounts of money that Allen is raising comes from the special interest corporate sector that is controlling our media and our government.

Sorry hr_ but I'm looking for someone who will represent MY interests not the interests of corporations that see me as a consumer to profit from and not a citizen of the US