Monday, July 10, 2006

Virginian Pilot "Covers" for Allen

For those of you who depend on the Virginian Pilot as your news source you were poorly served by their coverage of Cheney's recent jaunt into Norfolk. Senator George Felix Allen joined Cheney at this event, and the VA Pilot doesn't report Allen's attendence. The VA Pilot also failed to cover the important net neutrality issue and the fact that Senator George Felix Allen voted AGAINST net neutrality.

On his website, Allen misleads his constituents by making it "appear" that Allen supports net neutrality. For months, Allen has refused to answer numberous questions from constituents calling his DC office. Allen knows that this issue has strong support among his constituents. This issue creates strange bedfellows such as the Christian Coalition and (both groups support net neutrality). Unfortunately for Allen's constituents he's #8 on the top ten Telecommunications Lobby list. Should we question George Felix Allen's motives? Has he sold us out to the corporate lobbyists? Virginians need to let "Felix" know he's been caught red-handed with his hand in the cookie jar.

Hampton Roads citizens can hope that Portfolio will cover this crucial issue. In the meantime, spread the word and set the record straight. 1) George Felix Allen accepted lots of money from the telecommunications industry and 2) George Felix Allen killed the Durbin/Snow Amendment in committee. 3) On the floor of the Senate George Felix Allen voted for Senator "Bridge to Nowhere" Steven's version which eliminated net neutrality.

Hopefully, Jim Webb will advocate for net neutrality and help preserve our freedom of speech on the worldwide web. Our Buzz, Buzz, Buzz swarm is directed at Allen...hopefully he'll have to deal with swarms of mosquito's and other pests IF he decides to come out and face the people in Virginia.

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