Sunday, August 27, 2006

Allen is Running Away From His Constituents?

Mosquito was LOL reading on Daily Kos how Mike Stark, a UVA student, asked George Allen a pertinent question given Allen's history and his recent Macaca rant.

Stark asked The question, "Have you ever used the word nigger?"

Allen answered, "Oh, c'mon... sheesh..."

Stark also asked Allen to explain why he had a confederate flag and a noose hanging from the tree in his law office.

Allen's said, "Listen - just let me do this here, and then I'll answer your question about the flag and the noose."

Then his campaign staff had the hotel manager ask the law student to leave.

Allen then cancelled the rest of his day's events.

How is Allen going to campaign in Virginia if he won't answer questions from his constituents?

Allen is running all right....from his constituents. This is not a good sign.

Maybe we should collect footage from around the state of Allen avoiding his constituents. We could title it, "See Allen Run."


Insider said...

Good thing Democrats don't believe in mean-spirited negative campaigning

Eileen Levandoski said...

Saw this at RK, too. Also saw there and at NLS how Allen still thinks this is funny. Allen is quoted as saying... "You have to have a thick skin and a sense of humor, and apparently you now have to watch your sense of humor."

Insider said...

Y'all must've missed NLS's story about a Democrat's racist joke.

Eileen Levandoski said...

It's "developing", insider. Let's get the whole story first, okay?

mosquito said...


I saw that "developing" story...and am waiting to see how it develops. If there's one thing I respect about the Dems and progressives is we hold our own accountable.

It's clear that Allen's current "strategy" is to continue the same ole same ole spin....why do the current neocon Republicans choose to lie and avoid? Voters are sick of the irresponsible behavior. Responsible parent's don't allow their 4 year olds to act this way.

But Allen's right wing fans don't seem to care about truth, facts, accountability, or taking responsibility. They are going to regurgitate the "spin" talking points instead of discussing the issues. It's "mean-spirited and negative" to bring up the facts and examine a person's character and record. They will try to change the image from Allen the racist to Allen the martyr.

The more they do this the more this macaca issue will "stick."

Insider said...

How dare you use that insulting word.