Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Ava Lowery brings back something we should never forget...

Ava Lowery does it again. Her latest video about Hurricane Katrina should be seen by all. You can see it here

Billions have been wasted and American citizens never got the assistance we have paid for. Lots of money was given to cronies such as Operation Blessing (put up on the FEMA website) and out of state companies like Cheney's favorite corporation--Haliburton.

It's SHAMEFUL that no one was held accountable for the rampant cronyism and incompetency. WE SHOULD NOT FORGET WHAT HAPPENED. WE SAW IT WITH OUR OWN EYES…

Start asking the incumbents why they have done nothing to see that the NOLA victims are helped. Why didn't they act to hold our federal officials accountable for the Katrina/Fema disaster.

Ask everyone what they plan to do about this should they be elected/re-elected to office in November.

No one is safe as long as FEMA is broken and our government remains stuffed with incompetent cronies.

No one is safe until we take action and make sure we always help our own people. We need to start now with the victims of Katrina.

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