Thursday, August 24, 2006

Is That Karen Hughes at Drake's Coffee Chat?

What is Karen Hughes doing at a Thelma Drake Coffee Chat?

Video footage taken at Drake's 8/18/06 Coffee at Princess Anne Library in Va. Beach captured an attendee who looks and talks like Karen Hughes.

Comparing the video's voice track to an online voice track appears to verify the sighting along with video comparisons from online videos.

Unfortunately, my friend (who shot the footage and made the connection that day) has been unsuccessfully searching for someone with editing capabilities so she can download and edit the film and get it up on you tube. Anyone know someone in the Hampton Roads area who would like to assist in this editing task? If so, please Email me!

IF it was Karen Hughes at the coffee chat a number of interesting questions emerge.

--Why didn't Thelma introduce her (as she did others in attendence)?
--Is Thelma's campaign in trouble?
--Does Thelma need this high powered consultant known as Karl Rove's "kryptonite?"
--Is Karen Hughes now being dispatched to the campaigns of needy Republicans?
--Does this conflict with her duties as Undersecretary of State and her work in the middle-east?

How important is Karen Hughes in the Bush camp? Allegeldy, Bush told Karen he would not run for president unless Hughes was on board for the campaign. She has been cited as his closest confidente. She runs George Bush's election campaigns and keeps George on message. Hughes is superb at developing the message. According to the Christian Science Monitor, Hughes focused on domestic issues and promoted compassionate conservatism while Rove focused on pushing the conservative agenda.

There's a comparison pic over at sparkle pony's blog SparkleponyBlog:annnnnd-more-karen-hughes Not the greatest but it's the best I can do until the video can be put online.


Insider said...

Your serious posts are actually funnier....

Eileen Levandoski said...

I met someone at that blogger conference who can help you. I'll email you with his contact info. He says it's fairly easy.