Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Condi Rice continues her "progress in Iraq" campaign

15 year old Ava Lowery does her magic again. While Condi Rice continues to state, "progress in Iraq" ad nauseum...Ava decides to speak out on the "progress in Iraq."

See it here


The Squeaky Wheel said...

ok, so what is the answer? I don't remember US troobs using car bombs and IEDs?

What is the answer? Are you saying, by showing this video that we should up and leave?

I know, I know you are going to say we should not have gone in to begin with... Fine, whatever, but that does not address what you say is the problem today.

Okay buzz, buzz... You are president now... What is your plan?

See you have none. You knwo we can't just leave but you LOVE using these dead and injured for one reason: to make Bush look bad. You hate him so much you really don't care about the Iraqis. If you did, why would you pack up and leave?

So answer what you wnat done, TODAY, right now.

Mosquito said...

Squeaky Wheel...
Wow...I awoke from a dead sleep about 15 mins ago and couldn't go back to sleep. Maybe it was this post of yours that woke me up? Your tone, expecially at the end, was so "demanding" that I almost brushed you off. To post at 11:57 pm a demand that I answer "TODAY" is so unreasonable (on it's face).

However, I suspect that the video may have rattled you a bit. Hopefully, some Americans won't continue to ignore the pain and suffering that our government is causing around the world. We need to be aware of how we impact others. If we continue to deny what is "done in our name" around the world we will continue to be clueless as to "why "they' hate us" and terrorists will continue to multiply.

So, off the top of my head, here are some "options" worth considering:

Actually Squeaky Wheel, believe it or not, I like Jim Webb's plan...The U.S. repositioning to countries surrounding Iraq so we can be of assistance when and IF the Iraqi government asks for our assistance.

The U.S.needs to state unequivocally that we do not plan to remain in Iraq and that Bush and Cheney stop wasting our money building those permanent bases.

The US should take responsibility for the harm and damage in Iraq as a result of incompetent planning for safeguarding the civilian population and infrastructure. America needs to assist Iraq economically with rebuilding the infrastructure our bombs destroyed.

I believe the US should honor our agreements to follow International Law and the Rules of the United Nations.

I want America to CHANGE course from this world domination plan that the neocons have set us on. It only increases hatred of us around the world and creates more terrorists...especially when America acts like an aggressive bully in the world.

I believe it's immoral to kill innocent people for oil, profit, and power.

I think it's immoral that the poor and middle class are asked to sacrifice time and time again for this war while the wealthy "elites" get to engage in "war profiteering" and are not asked to sacrifice a single penny...instead they are given additional tax breaks.

So that's why I'm angry Squeaky Wheel. I don't "hate" Bush the person. I do "hate" his behavior, policy and actions that are hurting my country and me. That's my "beef."

I would really like to see a "uniter" come along who can help all of us become more civil with each other and unite together as Americans. Right after 9/11 I saw America become united. It broke my heart to see 9/11 so misused and that unity (and America's world image) were destroyed by the Bush-Cheney administration..

Bush and Cheney are not capable of uniting our country...and we badly need to be united again. We are a stronger country if we are united and we need unity to deal with cleaning up the mess this current administration has placed all of us in. Unfortunately, the way Cheney used the recent British police success to continue to keep us divided and not united.

I have alot of respect for John Dean and other staunch Republican conservatives who are following their principles and withdrawing their support from Bush and Cheney. They see that the neocon principles of the Bush-Cheney administration are not the conservative principles of the Republican party. I cite Barry Goldwater as a great example of this. If Barry Goldwater had not died he would be recognized as a co-author of John Dean's latest book. They had planned to write it together, due to their concern about what has happened to their Republican party.

So, even though I'm not a Democrat, my short term goal is to see the Democratic party become the majority party in our Congress so that the balance of power can be restored and maybe we can start solving some problems instead of creating them. I'm happy to work with Dem's and "conservative" Republicans in this endeavor.

Hopefully, the majority or Republicans can take back their party and straighten it out. I know alot of Democrats are currently trying to do some housecleaning in their party also. I'm trying to assist them with that.

Hopefully those of us doing housecleaning in the Republican and Democratic party will be able to unite, restore the balance of power and both parties will emerge better....and "hopefully" in the near future it will not be so difficult for new parties to emerge. I would like to see my country have a multi-party not a two-party system.

Hopefully we can all come together and concentrate on the serious domestic issues facing us here at home. I hope to live to see the day when we have single payee health insurance system so that all Americans have health care. It's descraceful that America joins South Africa in being the only two western industrialized nations in the world without national health insurance for all citizens. That would be a great step in the right direction for our country.

The Squeaky Wheel said...

There may be some merit to the part about pulling back into surrounding countries to hang out if needed (Which countries though) but you are not being honest. You and your drum beat are about bringing them all home NOW... So new day, new idea? Nah, you just need to fall in line with Webb as to not hurt his cause.

Before Webb put out anything you guys were calling for full withdrawl. So, thanks for the 'honesty'

Eileen Levandoski said...

Thanks, Mosquito, for continuously bringing us this great stuff from Ava. My kids really enjoy them.

Mosquito said...

Thanks Eileen....

Hey Squeakey Wheel

You're welcome for the "honesty." I think it's better described as being open and flexible...or as the Republicans want to spin it I'm "adaptable."

It's the opposite of "stay the course."

I was for an immediate withdrawal...However, after listening to Webb I believe the man has a great plan and I'm on board with it. My specialty is not "military strategist" and I'm open to hearing great ideas from great thinkers like Webb.

I wish the Republican neocons in D.C. would open their little closed minds. They may try to replace the "stay the course" spin with the new we are "adaptable." Unfortunately, it's the usual all talk no action business as usual. The American poople know that the "stay the course" neocons are rigid not "adapt-able."

BTW, Squeaky Wheel...I saw yor posts at VB Dems Blog: Squeaky Asks. Mosquito Answers. Webb Makes a Statement. McEachin Live-Blogs.

Are you going to continue with your delusion that I am writing this post b/c you are "making" me do it?