Wednesday, August 16, 2006

George Allen used a known ethnic slur

George Allen's Macaque shows up in a list of ethnic slurs.

(Belgium & France) a Negro (originally) or a person of North-African origin (more recently); derived from macaque monkeys
Here's the link

Ask anyone of Indian descent what Macaque means. They will probably know what this word means (especially if they've spent time in the Tunisian area or have lived abroad for a number of years).

Amazingly, enough the connections don't end here. Other blogs have pointed out that George's mother is French-Tunisian. George actually speaks French.

It seems reasonable to conclude that Allen knows and understands this term. It's Allen's excuses that are far-fetched.

I think he was counting on the fact that most Americans are not bi-lingual and French is not "often" the second language if they are bi-lingual. In VA, it's more likely the second language will be Spanish.

George, I think you've been caught red-handed with this one.


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