Saturday, August 19, 2006

Friday's Coffee Chat with Thelma and the Billionaires for Bush entourage

A friend has promised me a dvd copy of a videotape that was taken of Thelma's coffee chat at Princess Anne Library on August 18th. Local Billionaires for Bush were in attendence. I did get to view the raw footage.

Rob du Pore and his wife Robin du Pore gathered a few friends to attend the event. Ahneeda Summore and Iona Senator were also among the B4B contingent. They are very happy with Thelma Drake's support for the Bush-Cheney administration policies.

Thelma fielded questions concerning medicare insurance from constituents who have been hurt by the policy and were unable to get help from her office when they called. Thelma promised to assist these people. She continues to support the Medicare drug program but fails to address the "no-bid" contract awarded to the pharmaceutical industry and how IF the government could negotiate for better drug prices this would benefit the medicare recipients and the American tax payer. There was also no mention of the fact that the pharmaceutical industry basically wrote the bill that was passed.

Drake defended the oil drilling off VA coasts and emphasized how clean the oil rigs are. She failed to address the issue the oil rigs will need land based infrastructure. The oil/gas leaks take place along the pipeline and at the storage tanks. LOts of spills occur when ships are being loaded. This is why the areas with oil rigs have kerosene placed outside hotel lobbies and on ground floor hotel rooms so that the tourists can clean the tar off of there feet.

Thelma did not mention that any oil and gas drilled at this time will go on the world market and the oil companies will achieve the major profit. IF the oil and gas stays in the ground it will only increase in value and would be a reserve that could be used in the future for America's needs if that desparate time should ever come.

At the end of the event the videotape shows one of Thelma's supporters assaulting Rob du Pore of the Billionaires for Bush entourage. He took some money that Rob left on Thelma's chair and snatched du Pore's hat off his head. He then BOPPED du Pore on the head with his money and smashed his hat back on his head. Rob du Pore told the man he has to back off and some were wondering if the Drake fan was going to escalate the situation into a brawl. Instead, he left the room quickly.


Insider said...

Oh, that's ripe. You oppose drilling off the coast, but then you say we should drill off the coast "in the future" when it's more valuable?

Of course, you oppose relying on Middle East oil, but oppose using our own. And you oppose companies making a profit.

Is there anything you don't oppose?

Mosquito said...

LOL...I guess I'm just too complex for you...maybe you'll want to try womeone simpler??

Insider said...

Again, liberals can do nothing more than hurl personal insults.

Mosquito said...

Wasn't meant to persoannly INSULT you...believe me if I resorted to that there would be no mistaking it.

But since you evade, deny and or ignore the issues I'm discussing I just thought your time might be better spent at a blog where you understand what the blogger is discussing rather than usually being "off-topic" with your comments and missing the maing points.

Buzz Buzz

Mosquito said...

I realize there are alot of typos in the above post...I just "borrowed" an unfamiliar keyboard since mine died. Hopefully, you can figure out my meaning and won't go off on another off topic comment spree...cuz I'm not gonna keep playing that.


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