Thursday, August 17, 2006

Judge rules Bush's wiretaps are unconstitutional

Today, A federal judge ruled that Bush's warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to the activity.

Another win for US!!

One of our freedoms was protected from the Bush-Cheney Cabal today. Here's the link


K said...

And before the sun sets, Cheney will either declare she's a dues-paying member of Al Qaeda, or he'll shoot her.

Insider said...

Leave it to a Carter appointee to judge how to fight terrorism....

Mosquito said...

thank heavens we still have judges left in this country that abide by the constitution. I don't recall that the "American" people agreed to give up our constitutional rights and the civil liberties and freedoms that have made the USA what it is. If we give up our constitution and our freedom then, as far as I'm concerned, the terrorists have defeated us.

Insider it appears that you are loyal to the neocon philosophy and not the philosophy of freedom that is what the USA has stood for since it's inception.

All of our elected officials take an oath to defend the constitution. Thank heavens there are still some left that follow that oath.

Insider said...
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Insider said...

It appears you are loyal to bad grammar - no apostrophe in "it's inception"

Plus, don't spout your attacks that have nothing to do with what I wrote and hide behind "it appears."

My point stands true. The last person I'd look to for advice on fighting terrorism is a Carter appointee.

Mosquito said...

Insider you are free to choose whoever you wish to "fight terrorism."

If you prefer the all talk great PR spin of the Bush Cabal be my guest.

They've had five years this "beef up" secuirity. I prefer to ask questions of Bush and his people:

Whatever possessed you to attempt to sell US ports to Dubai?

Why aren't our ports secure yet?

Why is the cargo placed on our commerical airlines not checked?

Why did you try to cut the budget for detection equipment for explosives (this includes liquid explosives...) and use the money to pay more funds to Blackwater to guard public officials and certain government buildings?

Why does the White House currently use an explosive detection device at the White House (which allegedly can detect even liquid explosives) yet refuse to have it made part of airport security? (They are said to claim the device doesn't work well.I say if it's good enough for Bush it's good enough for our airports....until womething better comes along.)

What are your plans in Iraq and the Middle East?

When are you going to stop making more enemies of the US and start making Allies?

Insider...if you prefer to argue points like grammmar rather than the issues....."be my guest"....If in the interest of time an occasional grammar blooper or typo goes throught....I suspect that most folks will be able to figure it out.

I'm glad you feel safer. I don't feel safe as long as incompetents who appoint incompetent choies to head up our national security agencies.

Insider said...
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Insider said...

Again, I didn't say anything about feeling safer. I just wouldn't trust a Carter appointee in the fight against terror, and since you don't like incompetents appointing incompetents, you must agree.

Mosquito said...

Actually I don't agree....b/c you continually avoid, deny, and/or rationalize the incompetence in the Bush-Cheney administration.

"Enabling" this administration to continue to "stay the course" is like lemmings running off a cliff.

If you want to stay blind and never address the incompetence in the Bush one can stop you...your choice insider....


Insider said...

Your post was about the Carter-appointed Judge. I kept my comments to the topic.

You wanna fly off in another direction, go for it, but as usual, don't expect anyone to follow.

Mosquito said...

LOL you are so sneaky squeaky post concerned a FEDERAL judge (I didn't mention carter) and my point was the unconstitutional Bush wiretaps.)

Enought of this "play" usual you "avoid" the issues that I'm discussing....