Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Joe Lieberman and "The Secret Chamber" Defeated

Today is for celebration by the people and the netroots. Joe Lieberman went down!

To understand the scope of this one must realize that Lieberman was only one of two Democratic Senators that "The Secret Chamber" endorsed. The Secret Chamber prefers the Republican Party.

Do you know what "The Secret Chamber" is? You should. In 2004, Chamber CEO Tom Donohue bragged about defeating Senator Tom Daschle, the leader of the Senate Democrats. They endorsed 269 candidates in 2004. 249 Secret Chamber candidates were victorious.

It's difficult to track The Secret Chamber's activities since they use a variety of tactics to remain hidden. Hiding behind local front groups is standard operating procedure.
"Most people believe the Chamber is an apolitical and innocuous business support organization. But it is anything but," said Joanne Doroshow, Executive Director for the Center for Justice & Democracy. "This group has its hands in just about every level of electoral politics, dipping into the very foundations of our democratic process. It is important that this effort, which has largely stayed under the radar, become known to the public," Doroshow added...."
Citizen groups that have contended with the Chamber's agenda and lobbyists view this giant organization's pursuit of corporate greed and power, at the expense of peoples' economic well-being, health and safety, to be without peer in Washington, D.C. By a large margin, the Chamber is the worst of them all.
The Chamber demands that the federal government subsidize corporations, take the federal cop off the corporate crime, fraud and abuse beat, weaken its laws protecting the environment, workers, consumers, and small taxpayers, keep enlarging the bloated, wasteful military contracting budget and generally accede to the Chamber's ideology of becoming a corporate government. Link
The Secret Chamber uses the argument that it is only working on voter education and issue advocacy, therefore, it does not have to follow the election rules. However, the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission has determined that they were working to defeat a candidate and The Secret Chamber is in litigation in Washington State.

The Secret Chamber needs to be ferreted out. They are very active in state and local elections, and have a particular interest in the Attorney General positions in each state. They want tort reform so that corporations can operate without consequences...without having to answer to anyone.

It would be wise to analyze every candidate running for the office of Attorney General candidate. I remind you of how Attorney General Mark Early protected Pat Robertson from prosecution when he violated the law and used non-profit contributions to finance his mining adventures in Africa. he was exposed by the Virginian Pilot and Mark Early acknowledged there was a case...but he refused to prosecute it. Attorney Generals can offer special interests alot of protection.

We need to pay attention to the secret corporate interests that lurk in the dark back alleyways of our federal and state legislatures. (It would be wise to keep an eye out even in city council races.) They often run our governments at our expense.

Lieberman and The Secret Chamber
The Secret Chamber
Ralph Nader discusses the Secret Chamber and it's ties with Joe Lieberman on today's broadcast of


VB Dems Blog said...

Wow! Thanks for this report, Mosquito.

Insider said...

Wow...Ralph Nader. Credible source!

Mosquito said...

Thanks VB DEMS...:) Yes it definitely is a WOW. The Center for Justice and Democracy has done some great research on this and Washington state has taken the US Chamber to Court.

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Paranoid much?

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Mosquito said...

You think it's paranoid to expose the corporate involvement in our government process?


I guess you don't think much of campaign finacne reform.

I prefer to see reality and then do what I can to make it better.

I'm not into having the NSM program me into "blindness." I like thinking for myself.